our team

why work with us?

We have multiple years experience across multiple countries, bringing knowledge and expertise of social impact strategy.

We understand business, brands and consumers so can work across your business units seamlessly.

We are experienced global business executives who understand the delicate relationship between profit and purpose to provide strategic insight and advice.

We have worked with for-profit organisations as well as non-profit organisations so understand your unique needs to drive impact.

We have worked with the UN Office of Partnerships and UN SDGs so can enable your organisation to be globally relevant.

We bring a unique proven & proprietary plug and play platform – Thankful – utilising existing IP and technology for your competitive advantage and greater impact.

We live our values and donate 20% of our profits to the Thankful Foundation to help create Thankful moments for those in need, so your investment will have a double impact.


leadership with experience that counts


experience - working with and advising brands

experience - working with and advising non profits