why Impact4 ?

The market is asking for this NOW. 

People want to engage with brands that have a positive impact... for associations with hope... for a path forward and upward.

  • 92% of consumers have a more positive image of companies supporting a social or environmental issue. *

  • 87% of global consumers agree that businesses must play a role in addressing societal issues.

  • 75% of senior investment executives agree that sustainability is material to financial decisions. ^

  • 68% of consumers would be more favourable to a brand if they knew it was adhering to the UN SDGs. +

  • 13x more value generated when using social impact as a sales differentiator over traditional sales incentives. #

* Cone Communications CSR Study 2017 

 ^ Investing for a Sustainable Future, Massachusetts Institute for Technology Sloan School of Business, 2016

+ SAP Ariba Sustainable Business Overview

# August 2018, Boston Consulting Group / Givewith conjoint analysis, n = 500+

"Without purpose, no company, either public or private, can achieve its full potential.  It will ultimately lose the license to operate from key stakeholders" - Larry Fink


Ensuring credibility, value alignment and impact















We help organisations to prove, position and scale social impact  to grow their business. 

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Social responsibility goes beyond crisis funding or emergency situations. 


Companies must be conscientious of the power, influence and resources at their disposal and how to utilise those factors to also help society at large. 


Companies have the power to transform communities, industries and address global issues.

We work with business to transform social investments to deliver sustainable impact that’s authentic and meaningful.


Impact4 STAFF

We help organisations align internal teams to drive purpose and values. 


Rewriting the rules to find that perfect balance between good business and doing good. 

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76% of Millennials consider a company's social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work.


For maximum and sustainable impact, social impact cannot be an initiative that is run from a division within an organisation:  it needs to be at the very DNA of the organisation and brand. 


We develop strategies and programs to ensure your organisational purpose and values are integrated into the DNA of your culture and workplace practices through people engagement and internal advocacy.



It’s what you do, not just what you say.  


Consumers expect brands to deliver real value, act responsibly and step up to have a positive impact on global challenges.

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87% of global consumers agree that businesses must play a role in addressing societal issues.


But they are also demanding transparency.


For access to new audiences, potential consumer growth and to build brand loyalty and advocacy, organisations must commit to a cause and an ongoing engagement strategy with customers.


We help you tell your organisational social impact story to engage your customers through authentic and meaningful strategies and communications.



You're changing the world. 


We help you redefine philanthropic models to become self-funding social enterprises.

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We create new opportunities for your highest-priority, highest-impact programs to be supported through corporate collaborations.


Expand your network through the innovative Thankful platform. 


Apply to join the Thankful Platform of social impact organisations and let us help you do more of your important work.



We help influencers and celebrities identify, articulate and amplify their purpose for social impact and revenue growth.

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As an influencer you already have a powerful voice, but you also have a huge responsibility to use your voice for good. 


We align and connect influencers to brands and not for profit organisations to build and support movements.    


Use your voice for public mobilisation to generate a narrative to help leading organisations, businesses, and philanthropies to create new initiatives that can shift public perceptions, policies and conversations when it matters most.

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What we do

  • Strategic positioning of values & purpose

  • Program development – internal & external

  • Program implementation – internal & external

  • Partnership vetting & facilitation

  • Influencer vetting & facilitation

  • Communication & Engagement – internal & external

  • Development & roll out of social enterprise & sustainable business models

  • Development of measurement criteria – both hard & soft measures/KPI’s

  • Commercial ROI measurement, short, medium & long term

  • Impact ROI measurement, short, medium  & long term


We can help you build valuable social equity