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Impact4 Social Enterprises

Expertise for Equity
We know changing the world is not easy.
We are committed to helping start up social enterprises to scale to maximise their impact and have developed an innovative structure that can be tailored to suit your needs. 

Based upon a combination of consulting fees, expertise for equity and payment by results.
Contact us if you have an idea or business to change the world.


Impact4 provides social enterprise organisations with a “start-up seed to scale-up” accelerator investment program to accelerate their great work and reach their next stage of impact and growth. 

We act as a force multiplier.

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About the impact4 Social Enterprise Accelerator Program

  • We support companies with start-up and/or scale-up business models through consulting, advisory, marketing and networking.

  • We act as advisors and mentors that not only provide expertise, but support impact, mission, and societal change.

Impact4 accelerator Program companies will receive in-kind value of up to $200k per company in return for some payment and equity.

To be considered, the companies must:

  • Be purpose driven

  • Have clear and measurable outcomes

  • Have a scalable business model

For expressions of interest, please send us an email with a brief summary of your business.